Full Node.js environment and editor

100% Serverless

100% written, scheduled, and persisted without having to deal with scaling, servers, or dev ops

Automate Anything

Automate all the things. Take the internet into your own hands using Node.js libraries like Playwright

Schedule Your Tasks

Your tasks can be scheduled to run every minute, every day, or once a month. You have total control.

VS Code Editor + Types

Leverage the Visual Studio Code editor so you can focus coding

Fast Task Execution

Code execution is fast, sub-second. Including streaming logs

Custom Environment Variables

Do not hard code secrets, easily manage custom ENV variables per Task

Visual Studio Code Editor

Don’t let the editor slow you down. Use the best web IDE there is. Including Node.js and package types, formatting, error syntax highlighting, and code auto-completion.

View your completed Tasks

See all your completed tasks, their logs, ENV variables and even the exit code.

Schedule Tasks

Did you write something awesome! Easily schedule it to be ran every minute, or every day. You can easily name and schedule your Tasks.

View your Scheduled tasks

You can easily see what is scheduled to run and when. You can even temporarily pause a job.

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